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Effective yet Effortless Coaching

Effective yet Effortless Coaching
What is coaching about?
How can coaching help me in my professional life?
How effortlessly can I learn coaching skills?
How can I get more effective at coaching?
How can coaching help my leadership style?

Are those questions familiar to you? If so, please join me for the “Effective Yet Effortless Coaching” session. In this session, I will show you how effortlessly you can start to coach a person, and how by practicing simple techniques you can become a more effective coach.

Great Leadership entails many skill sets, one of them coaching. One cannot become a great leader without having coaching skills in his/her toolkit.

In this session, you will learn a simple yet effective coaching model which you can integrate with your leadership style. You’ll get introduced to a coaching style that you can easily learn, inherit, make it your own and build upon that. A style that you can utilize it for short elevator ride conversations to hours long sessions.